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    Is female condom safe?

    Yes, testing has shown that female condom is a safe and effective method for preventing unintended pregnancy and STI's, including HIV. The condom, made from nitrile, is hypoallergenic and any side effect has been reported.

  2. 2
    Is female condom easy to use?

    Just like anything new, it may take a little practice bu remember practice makes perfect. Try female condom at least 3 times. Find a comfortable position to insert it: sitting, squatting or lying down. Either partner can insert the condom.

  3. 3
    When can female condom be inserted?

    A few hours before (till 8 hours) or just before sex can be inserted the female condom. It doesn't need to be taken out immediately after sex.

  4. 4
    How do you know if female condom is inserted correctly?

    The female condom is in place if: - it is comfortable, - the outer ring is flat around the opening of the vagina, - it is lying smootly against the vaginal wall.

  5. 5
    How does the inner ring feel during sex?

    Many men and women say the inner ring increases pleasure for them during sex. If the inner ring feels uncomfortable, try repositioning or reinserting the condom. It is even said that some men find bumping the inner ring during sex exciting and erotic! Some women also like the sensation of the outer ring rubbing against their clitoris. The material, smooth and soft, also warms to the body temperature, so sex can feel natural.

  6. 6
    Can female condom disappear inside the body?

    No, it is not possible. Female condom covers the cervix and the opening to this is so small that it is impossible for female condom to pass through this space. The cervix only opens up during childbirth.

  7. 7
    Why female condom seems large?

    Female condom is designed to fit inside and line the wall of the vagina, allowing the penis to move freely inside it during sex.  It also provides extra protection against STI's by covering part of the women's external sex organs and the base of the penis.

  8. 8
    What type of lubricant can be used with female condom So Sexy®?

    The female condom is already lubricated with silicon-based lubricant but you can add all type of lubricant, water-, silicon- or oil-based, inside the condom or directly on the penis. For compatibility with spermicidal or medicinal products, ask for your doctor or pharmacist.

  9. 9
    Is female condom noisy during sex?

    If you hear noise and it bothers you, add extra lubricant either on the inside or outside of the condom or directly on the penis. Also try inserting female condom a few minutes before sex.

  10. 10
    Are there particular cases when female condom can’t be used?

    Globally, the female condom can be used in different positions, during menstruation, after hysterectomy or during pregnancy. You also can use it when having pills, Intrauterine device or injections. It is even possible to urinate with this condom. Warning! It cannot be used with diaphragm!

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    Can female condom be used for anal sex?

    There has been no research on the effectiveness of female condom for anal sex use and it is not approved for that.

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