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KitBase®, what is this ?

Device now approved by the Authorities in the program of Risk Reduction among addicts, Kit BASE ® was first developed by and for drug users by inhalation, ie smoking crack.

Until a short time, the population of drug addicts do not have equipment specially designed for them in order to prevent the transmission of infections transmitted by blood, such as HIV and Hepatitis C, as well as the Stéribox ® for drug injectors. As the incidence of these diseases is on the rise among drug users, it was important to develop a kit including a crack pipe and items for personal use to avoid sharing equipment.

It is in this spirit that a group of seven Parisian associations took the initiative for this development. Their desire was to have at least:


A pipe cleaner, glass, somewhat fragile


A mouthpiece for the pipe, for personal use


A stick pusher to remove the filter from the pipe


A filter ready, harmless material (which = Do not reject particles even more dangerous than crack itself)


One or several element(s) to protect dental, oral, dermal


All in a small bag that can be easily put in a pocket.

Given the difficulty of the project, the group turned to TERPAN to help make this happen. For 1 year and a half under the aegis of the Directorate General of Health, Regional Health Agency, the City of Paris and Prevention Mission, Terpan and 7 associations (Charonne, La Terrasse, Espoir Goutte d’Or AIDES, International SOS Drugs, Gaia and Prose) worked hand in hand to provide elements of this kit that are as close as possible to the needs of consumers. Indeed, the objective was twofold:

– Ensure that through the use of the kit to each “shoot”, the risk of transmission of infections would be reduced, and

– Ensure that users prefer this kit rather than their usual material they choose to reuse every time.

Finally, the kit BASE ® was born, containing a pipe, filter, 2 caps and a soothing cream. The rest of the accessories is delivered to the application, if necessary.


Kit BASE ® is approved by the authorities in the context of risk reduction policy initiated by the Government and is subject to rules, such as to indicate prevention messages. Thus, each kit, you can read:


“This kit is a preventive tool against the transmission of blood-borne infections (hepatitis, HIV). It is part of the risk reduction policy implemented by the State for drug users. It is funded by the authorities. ”

“The 1970 law prohibits the use and encouraging the use of detention as illegal drugs, including cocaine and derivatives (crack). Prison sentences farms are planned for these crimes.”


HIV, hepatitis B and C, tuberculsoe, the Herpes, Staphylococcus, fungi, candidiasis, influenza is a disease that can be transmitted when sharing pipes. This kit is there to prevent this.


Try making your kif quiet …

– The microbes are found in the blood. Traces of blood even invisible to the naked eye can be found on objects used for preparing and smoking crack. In the case of wounds, they can be transmitted by these micro-drops.

– Do not share any of the components of your equipment, even with your family, even a couple!

– Bring your pipes and fittings used in reception areas.

– Condoms and gels are available. ‘


Kit BASE ® in its final version is available on the market since April 2012, with seven partners Associations course, and any other association of metropolitan France, Dom-Tom or any other country that requests it. The associations to distribute free inhalation drug users, on request, during their tours or directly within their premises.