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The Kit Kan: another innovation from Terpan Prevention

by Terpan Prévention Terpan Prévention in Prevention and health 13/04/2022

In France, cannabis is the most consumed illicit substance, representing, according to sources, between 80% and 90% of the consumption of all narcotics, mainly among young adults between 15 and 34 years old.

Almost half of French people say they have tried cannabis at least once in their lives, rolled with tobacco.

According to official information, 5 million French people use cannabis, including one million on a daily basis.

This product can be taken in different ways: vaping or vaporization, food ingestion of cannabis products or infusion or via the use of hookah or bong. Inhalation in the form of a joint remains the most common means of consumption (94%).

Of those who smoke joints, almost all have mixed it with tobacco (95%). There is a reason for this high rate. First of all, it allows a uniform combustion. Moreover it allows to smoke longer. Finally, according to many users, the tobacco would improve the taste and feel of the smoke.

Tobacco also represents a great risk of addiction. Indeed the nicotine of this one associated with the THC of cannabis makes the dependence stronger. In addition, there is a significant increase in the risk of mortality due to cancer (lung, throat, …), coronary heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

In order to fight against these scourges, Terpan Prévention has developed a new inhalation kit of dried plants and flowers (including therapeutic cannabis), the Kit Kan®.

The aim of this risk reduction tool is to eliminate the addition of rolled tobacco and thus avoid having to ingest and inhale tobacco smoke and combustion residues.

This kit is composed of :

  • A glass ball of low thermal conductivity with a flat bottom to store and transport it.
  • A sealing ring to protect against the risk of burns (resistant up to 500°) allowing the ball to be held during inhalation.
  • A stainless steel wire filter to retain any combustion residues.
  • A main inhalation mouthpiece in medical silicone.
  • A secondary inhalation mouthpiece made of medical silicone with a diameter compatible with the main mouthpiece, allowing two people to use it.
  • Instructions for use and advice for use.

Since the beginning of 2022 this Kit Kan® is available for sale in our store.

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