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1) The female condom can be used with any type of lubricant: water-based, oil, compatible with mucous membranes, unlike the male condom with which it only can be used aqueous bases very specific.
2) The female condom is very solid: no tear is documented.
3) It is sweet and pleasant.
4) The male sex is not too tight.
5) After ejaculation, it must not be withdrawn immediately.
6) It does not cause allergies because it does not contain latex.
7) It enhances sexual stimulation, by the sensation of heat due to nitrile reheated at temperature of the body and through the outer ring which touches the clitoris.
8) It is for single use.
9) It is sold without prescription.
10) It is an effective method of contraception.
11) It allows women more control over their sexuality.
12) The nitrile is not destroyed by high temperatures or humidity: FC2 does not require any special storage conditions.

FC2 can be used by any type of woman:
– Women who want to control over their sexuality and protect themselves against STIs including HIV and pregnancy.
– Women who have menstrual periods, who have recently given birth, who have a hysterectomy or are postmenopausal.
– Women who take the pill, which have an IUD, a contraceptive implant.

WARNING! The female condom must not be used with male condoms or a diaphragm at the same time. It causes too much friction which can cause breakages and allow the transmission of sexually transmitted infections.


– Nitrile sheath

– Nitrile outer ring

– Polyurethane inner ring

– Length: 163-190 mm

– Width: 76-90 mm

– Thickness: 65-95 microns

Each condom is electronically tested to verify the integrity of the sheath.