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So Sexy®, the female condom that women will love!

The female condom is a way for women to take charge of their prevention. It presents another advantage compared to the male condom: it can be put in place 8h before a sexual intercourse and it is not necessary to withdraw it immediately after use. A freedom that we forget to mention when we talk about the female condom! On the occasion of World Condom Day, Terpan is mobilizing.

Terpan is the historical and exclusive distributor of the Femidom® female condom under the So Sexy® brand in France. It is available in pharmacies and online stores. Although the female condom is not well known in France, it is a great method of contraception.

Why choose So Sexy ®, the second generation female condom ?

It is a very effective method of contraception and protection of the Sexually Transmitted Infections. The condom So Sexy ®, in ultra-resistant nitrile, ensures an effective protection by covering the external genitalia. It is suitable for people allergic to latex because it does not contain it and even supports the sexual stimulation thanks to nitrile which transmits the natural heat of the body for a pleasant feeling and thanks to the external ring which touches the clitoris. It hugs the vaginal wall and does not compress the penis: comfort and pleasure are guaranteed. Moreover, its elegant and feminine packaging makes it an object that has all its place in a handbag.

So Sexy® is compatible with all types of lubricants.

It is recommended to associate it with the lubricant So Sexy®, especially studied for the female comfort thanks to its richness in hyaluronic acid with the hydrating properties.

Good to know : Terpan Prevention also offers its DIG DAM DOM® latex oral dam: Little known and yet essential, the oral dam (also called dental dam, dam or oral dam) is the best way to protect yourself from STI transmission during oral sex.

Today, women need to know that they can take charge of their prevention and pleasure without expecting anything from their partners.