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More than 1 in 3 women have never observed their intimacy

Although it is 2017, there is still a real taboo around women’s bodies, and female intimacy is too rarely highlighted. In Art? While statues or paintings of naked men fill museums, women’s sex is usually hidden. From an educational point of view? Even the school is not interested in it, so much so that some textbooks do not even mention it. Social networks? Facebook and Instagram censor nipples and “pleasure buttons”. In the media? It was not until 1998 that the first survey on the clitoris appeared.

The Terpan Prevention and SO WHAT? went to meet more than 500 women to carry out the first survey on the theme “the woman of the 21st century and her intimacy”.

21st century: discovering female intimacy

According to the TERPAN/SO WHAT? survey, 4 out of 5 women know where their clitoris is. 53% of them declare to have discovered it in a neutral, anatomical way. And above all, 43% have discovered it as an object of pleasure.

Yes, but… 35% say they have never seen it! And another third only once or twice. The reasons? “It’s not beautiful”, “I didn’t feel the need to observe it”, or even worse! “I didn’t da
“School textbooks, sex education courses… Female anatomy does not enjoy a flood of mainstream information. The representation that we make of the female sex is mainly through pornos. There is even today a kind of clitoral obscurantism.

“While the male body and its anatomy benefit from an assumed exposure through time, the female body and its intimacy remain hidden. Observation: in the 21st century, women are still uncomfortable with the appearance of their sex.”

The man has the “cards” “condoms” in hand

Another synonym of power: still according to the TERPAN/SO WHAT? survey, more than 60% of men initiate the use of condoms! He would therefore be the holder of the contraceptive power during sexual relations.

A condom but which one?

A priori male. Again and again. 86% of women say they have not tested the female condom! And yet, it is the only means of protection and contraception that they have. “The female condom must give women the means of control and freedom. Parity and equality must be expressed in the long term in all the areas of our society, even in intimacy”.