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The Femidom ® can be inserted 8 hours before intercourse and should not be removed immediately after.


  1. Check the expiration date of the condom. It is marked on the package.
  2. Wash your hands before opening the package.
  3. Put yourself in a comfortable position: lying, sitting or standing with one foot on a chair.
  4. At the arrow, tear down the package and remove the FC2 package carefully, especially if you wear rings and jewelry. Do not use a knife or scissors that could damage the condom.
  5. Make sure the inner ring is at the bottom of the condom. Keep Femidom ® by this ring by pressing it between thumb and forefinger.
  6. Without releasing it, insert the ring into the vagina and push it as far as possible.

The female condom is not difficult to implement: you get used after 3-4 trials. It is suitable for both girls and women with experience.

  1. You can insert the index or middle finger inside the FC2 to push further.

When the condom is in place, the outer ring must be located outside the vagina. It covers the external genitalia.

  1. During the intercourse, make sure your partner’s penis enters correctly inside the condom. It is also possible that the penis pushes the outer ring into the vagina. If this happens, remove the Femidom ® and insert a new one.
  2. It is normal that the female condom during intercourse moves slightly. Do not panic, you’re always protected.
  3. Femidom ® adapts to the walls of the vagina and not to erect penis: it is not necessary to remove it from the end of the intercourse. To remove the condom, twist the outer ring so as to prevent fluid flow and pull gently.
  4. Do not throw condom into the toilet but put it back in his pocket to throw in the trash.