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HIV: Promoting Testing

by in Interesting news, Prevention and awareness, Prevention and health 31/05/2016

The InVS (French national institute of health monitoring) provides an epidemiological update on the “discovery of HIV and AIDS seropositivity”. Diagnoses of HIV infection and AIDS are subject to mandatory reporting by health professionals (biologists, public and private sector physicians). The InVS centralizes these declarations and updates them annually. This report not only informs us […]

Terpan, Partner of the Solibus Tour

by in Let's move on together 20/04/2016

The student association ISC Solirace organized this year again the Solibus Tour.   It is a road trip through France and Europe in order to meet 15-25 year olds and to raise their awareness about the risks linked to AIDS and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). In each city, prevention actions (distribution of condoms, practical information, […]

Youth and the use of condoms

by in Focus on 07/12/2015

  Last surveys show that condoms are less and less used, particularly among young people. In the world, 13% of young people think that we can be cured from HIV which is unfortunately not possible right now. After 30 years of sustained prevention campaigns (one generation), condom use is far from being a reflex and […]