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Terpan, Partner of the Solibus Tour

by Terpan Prévention Terpan Prévention in Let's move on together 20/04/2016

The student association ISC Solirace organized this year again the Solibus Tour.


It is a road trip through France and Europe in order to meet 15-25 year olds and to raise their awareness about the risks linked to AIDS and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections).

In each city, prevention actions (distribution of condoms, practical information, discussions with young people) are organized in a public place but also in high schools, schools… During the whole month of April, the Solirace association diffused its messages always of topicality everywhere in France. Don’t hesitate to come and visit them when they pass near you.


The Solibus Tour in its 2016 tour passed by:

  • Lille: April 17
  • Brussels: April 18
  • Nancy: April 19
  • Geneva: April 20
  • Grenoble: April 21
  • Monaco: April 22
  • Avignon: April 23
  • Toulouse: April 25
  • Bordeaux: April 26
  • Paris: April 27

These events reach every year nearly 40 000 students and more than 20 000 condoms are distributed.


This year is the third edition of this adventure. Follow Solirace on #Solirace or #safesexgetlatex



Terpan, a major player in prevention and risk reduction, is once again a partner of the Solibus Tour!