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The World Women’s Day

by Terpan Prévention Terpan Prévention in Focus on 12/02/2016

The Women’s Day or International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year. It has its origins in the early 20th century through protest movements in various countries who demanded the same rights for women as for men.

Today, the purpose of this day is to think about the conditions of women worldwide and to continue the fight against inequalities with men.

For us, Terpan Prévention, it is an opportunity to express our commitment to enable women to freely live their sexuality, allow them to choose the way they proctect themselves (with male or female condoms).

Since 1999, when we introduced the female condom in France, we are fighting every day to make it more available to everyone and everywhere. Indeed, if one can now obtain condoms close to home, dissemination of the female condom is confidential and takes place almost exclusively on the internet (on sale on our site since 1999).

Regarding male condoms, we also strive to provide variety more and more wider to our range Smile® which we develop with serious so you can stay focus on your pleasure only.

Finally we have developed an intimate lubricant called “So Sexy” which is enriched with hyaluronic acid that brings comfort and hydration that you are entitled to expect.