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The sexual health of the couple in quarantine

by Terpan Prévention Terpan Prévention in Focus on 16/11/2020

What about sexual health during this period of general quarantine ?

To find yourself together 24/7 can be a real challenge for a couple. We are not used to stay with each other all the time, especially if we live in a 25m² flat for example.

Actually, in normal period we need some mental space. But also a space for oneself in the sense of “perimeter”.

And yet, this unprecedented situation of all day intimacy encourages closer ties.  A notion that may have escaped us in everyday life because of the routine, the tiredness, the stress, the worries.

We might as well take advantage of this lockdown since we have plenty of time to take care of ourselves and our special one. To rediscover our partner. To have a different proximity relationship. To stimulate a libido that was probably at a standstill for some of us.

Time, the secret of a fulfilling sex life.


Sexual health is a parameter not to be taken lightly and for a good reason!  Making love has beneficial effects on our psychological and emotional state. Sexual activity and orgasm are great antidepressants thanks to the release of certain hormones like oxytocin (the hormone of attachment), endorphin (the hormone of well-being, which helps resist pain) and serotonin (the happiness hormone that works against anxiety).

In this period where you stay at home, sexual activity is booming!

At Terpan we are aware that time is an essential factor when it comes to sexuality and pleasure.



More fun at home

The sale of condoms and sex toys is currently experiencing a significant increase in stores and online, especially at Terpan where we have seen condom sales increase between March 06 and 15 and which will probably continue to climb! There is therefore no shortage at Terpan Prevention, since we have renewed our stocks in our online store.

Take care of yourself during this Coronavirus outbreak, and keep exploring the fun while protecting yourself.

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